Bothan Black Ops

Week 1


We started this last week by finishing character sheets and doing a few mock battles. The first mock battle involved a bar of stormtroopers in a cantina, as they normally did afte their arts and crafts class at the imperial garrison. Everything was going nice till someone said something about someones mom, then somebody else made a crack about someones gal-pal, then they were all at it. My boys did ok, Ricky’s mando took out most of em on his side as garrett was starting to take over his pat of the bar, namely by hitting stuff with his vibro-axe. Mitch got taken out after killing one or two. Ashton’s jedi abstained fom the fight by ducking behind the bar and stealing a few bottles of ale and jetting to the corner of the room. Ryan did ok, mostly sucked because of his roles, but he is a scoundrel after all. They took em’ out pretty quick and the only casualty was mitch being knocked out.

The next mock battle was against an acklay, arena style. Ashton tried to use the force to make it docile, which actually worked for about one turn, as the team proceeded to attack it. Ricky shot into it with his cable launcher and Mitch worked his way up onto its back. He was planning on using his ryyk blades to dig a hole in the carapace to stick a grenade inside. Only one of his attack hit however, and he was knocked off the next round. Ryan was off in the corner looking up weaknesses on his Itablet, I mean holonet computer. He learned that it is the bane of Geonosis, and that it is tough and has sharp claws. Ricky, after seeing mitch had fallen off, tied a grenade to the cable he had launched into it, then he threw the grenade around its neck like a tether pole and did quite a bit of damage. Ashton and Garrett tried to take out its legs, but only managed to cripple one of them. The next round, Ricky got the killing blow by shooting it in the same spot where the grenade blew up around its neck.



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