Captain Zylo Amukan of the Bothan Spy Network has recruited your team to find and retrieve information and proof of an evil entity group called Final Vanguard. They are a black ops branch of the Empirial Government devoted to information gathering, assassination, full-on millitary intervention, and the destruction of all non-Empire entities; like the Republic Aliance, mercenary bands of all kinds, and of course, the Bothan Spy Network. This has been tried before, but we need your help because the Empire is only manning this Final Vanguard with force users trained in the dark side. The Empire also is not allowing any investigation into the matter, that’s where you come in, you are not Bothan Spy Network. That’s why we need you. This group will end all possibility of of freedom returning to the galaxy… and more importantly, I’ll be out of a job. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands.

Bothan Black Ops